- to clarify scope, we need somehow define what is modern system - for scope you this documents modern means - MotherBoard which is able to run Windows 7 64bit with
at least of 3 GB of RAM and dual core cpu (hyperthreading not counts).
- dont believe in legends about 100% even DOS videocards has quite few compatibility issues:
- dont believe in 98 or 99% compatibility claims, which are not based on real data, even 95% is great
- i retested every tested game in DosBox if is working, i used same binaries
- im not expert on every tested game, so there i theory could be some sound errors or missing sounds, if know about such problem tell me (Vogons), make video proof if possible
- if you have some not working game working on same Chipset and Sound card combination, just tell me..
- more modern machine with slightly less compatibility level have other advantages - faster boot, multibooting (no dont need special place for only DOS machine), quiter coolling fans, better PSU..
- if game is not working is always good idea to reboot between tests, because some games are changing sound cards registry by way which can broken other games..
- in Sound is not broken, this matrix not affect sound quality, native OPL3 is much better than emulated, it could depens on some other chips on board, some card are SB16 capable,
Additional notes:
some cards, have possiblity of Wavetable boards etc.. For example between Creative SB Live! (clean sound) and Aureal V1 from Orchid, its really big different in this area.
- created by RuThaN with Vogons members support..
- if notes that game needs MSCDEX, it usually means that more memory save SUSHCDX is not working.. SUSHCDX has advantage of virtual CDROM drive too (no audio), so its preffered.
- You can download autoexec and config files and drivers with which im testing at Vogons.
- dont really care that some of non working games are working with Windows 98 Dos mode, rebooting is lost of time and its not point of this matrix.. Same as Dosbox or virtualization..
- dont mention virtualization, unless you tried it and Vmware and Virtualbox Dos sound drivers are joke..
- if game is too old for SB support, Adlib sound is tested, SB emulation is almost everytime backward compatible with Adlib.
- for make testing more easilly and expensive - i started to add info, if demo or shareware version of game exists. Yeah in theory than could be compatibility difference, i will report i i find it, or you could, i still mainly testing full games, but its good idea to move to demos. Good place to search for DOS demos: for 3/4 games in suite demos exist.
- aureal dos drivers are huge - 20 - 24 kb
- MTRR videocard performance booster is not working with AUreal Vx drivers
- hint from Phils ESS Solo-1 video if you have problem with SB 10 link, IRQ10 or something else than IRQ 5/7 try different PC slot..
- Yamaha setupds utility could be started without loaded drivers and its usually freezing, when is DSDMA loaded, its also Yamahas Mixer utility.
Support: - im not any Youtuber, i like to do stuff, not video editing, but it doesnt means that some support wouldnt be nice - if could donate me through Paypal, but i accept only 1 or 2$ donations, unless you are super rich.. (have own house, car and new computer) sen money on ruthan at Paypal account if need details.. write me PM at Vogons. I tested all results by myself so far, but community needs other testers, i did my share of work..