In first sheet is always commentioned in which pure Dos memory setting mode was game tested..
Explanation (there different modes of Dos mem setting, which affect games compatibility):
means HIMEM.SYS + EMM386.EXE in EMS mode (EMM386.exe RAM)
means HIMEM.SYS + EMM386.EXE in NOEMS mode (EMM386.exe NOEMS)
HIMEM.SYS loaded, no loaded EMM386.exe at all, if you MB supports it you can use in this mode UMBPCI.sys to incread free Conventional Memory Size..
Protected mode
No Himmem.SYS. No EMM386.exe
You can download my ultimate config files and drivers and utils package:
*Because of too much memory problem (more than 512MB+) you have to use HimemX.exe or Burnmem.sys + Himem.sys instead of Himem.sys only
**You can simulated same modes with alternative memory managers like JEMM, QEMM, but they are not 100% compatible.
***Often its doesnt means, that game not works in other mode, only that is proven that it works, in mode, if game required some mode, its often mention in text, but not everytime..
- in text is often mentioned Setmul or Slowdos - these are CPU slowdown utilities which are needed for some games on very fast CPUs
- l is used to disabling you L1 cache, which slowdown my X5660 somewhere to slow 486 - 300 times..Syntax: setmul l1d // for cache disable setmul l1ed // to re-enable, note its not working on some machine and with some memory settings modes
Scalable slowdowner Syntax is Slowdos /dXX and XX is number for slowdown delay - bigger slower machine.. Increase is by 0.05 so it could be very precisse.
Soundcard + slowdowners
- there is similar problems with some videocard booster problems like FASTVID or MTRR from Rayers, MTRR is also not working with AurealV1
- some sound cards drivers not working with slow downers in some modes, because the need more cpu power that you have with some slowdowners, for example setmul l1d+ AurealV1 is no usually no go. Same as Creative SB Live + Setmul l1d.